Dainton Family Brewery


Why choose Dainton? 

Well the answer could lie in the “what” and the “who” we are… Who we are is a family of dedicated and tragic beer lovers crafting the best, freshest and most sessionable beers that we can. Why are we any different to any other beer label, brewery or brand out there? We have our fair share of shiny awards and that gives us some credence, sure… But why chose us over another? Well, whenever you purchase a Dainton beer you should know that as a family owned and operated company, we not only oversee (and taste) all our beers, but we stand behind our produce 100%. After all it has our name on it! Not only that, we’ve put our hearts, souls and hard-earned into making our passion a reality. This beer is our legacy and by drinking it you know you are supporting a family that has thrown everything into the kettle, so to speak! We hope you enjoy it as much as we love making it!

 - The Dainton Family...