Clare Valley Brewing Company.

Brewer: Damian T.

  1. How did you get into the business? Where did it all begin?

    I started at CVBC in March of 2017, I was doing shift work at Little Creatures in Fremantle with a young child away from family, saw the ad for head brewer at CVBC applied and got the job. My leaders at Little Creatures knew we were struggling with the distance and encouraged me to give it a go and here I am.

  2. If you weren’t brewing what would you be doing?
    I don’t know really, I started a Diploma of Accounting, so maybe an accountant.
    I would prefer not to think of the path I would have taken if I wasn’t a brewer.

  3. What’s your favourite beer that you have brewed?

    Would have to be our Red IPA or the soon to be release Hazy Mosaic IPA. Our Brut Collaboration with Migration Brewing in the US was pretty good too.

  4. What makes your beer different?

    I utilise a combination of different brewing philosophies and influences drawn from my previous experiences. I am prepared to take on constructive feedback to make it a better experience for customers.

  5. What music do you like listening to when getting ya brew on ?

    I listen to triple J when we can get radio reception.

  6. What are your predictions on beer trends for 2019?

    NEIPA are here to stay I think we will see variations of the style.
    Doubles, triples, Hazy Pales, Sessions, Sours etc.

  7. What’s the funniest/most creative name you have seen on a beer given?

    I think Little Bang insert plenty of their quirky personality into their names. Arrogant Bastard ale by Stone or Thanks Captain Obvious by Brewcult. With our previous branding we had a beer called Bring out the Gimp

  8. The big debate - draft, bottles or cans?

    I prefer draft as it means beers at the pub with mates, but if I am at home or at a mates its cans all the way.

  9. Where is your favourite watering hole?

    Sevenhill Hotel is my local, they pour our XPA during the summer and Stout in the winter. My favourites in Adelaide are NOLA, Gilbert St Hotel and the Kings head. Forest lodge hotel in Sydney and Clancys in Fremantle. Or simply the CVBC cellar door after a long day.

  10. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one beer, what would it be?

    One beer brand or one style? IPA would be the style as there is so many variations to it, Red, black, dank, hazy, session, New England. One brand Pirate Life Mosaic but that might change when our hazy mosaic is released.


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