Dainton Brewing

Brewer: Dan Dainton

  1. How did you get into the business? What was your original set up like? Where did it all begin?
    Had a 50 litre keg system to begin with. Used to brew 3 times a week and worked at James Squire and Holgate as a brewer at the same time where I honed all my mighty brewing skills. It all began in my shed in Brunswick West when mum bought me a home brew kit for Xmas. Only decent present I ever got (I love you mum).

  2. If you weren’t brewing what would you be doing?
    Camping... who doesn’t love camping.

  3. What’s your favourite beer that you have brewed?
    A brew called The Black Death. It was a home brew and was a ripper 11.5% ABV; a Triple Dry Hopped Black Rye IPA.  

  4. What makes your beer different?
    Rye. Were substituting it for a portion of the barley malt. It gives our beers its character. 

  5. What music do you like listening to when getting ya brew on ?
    Anything not hip hop, pop or country. Think Metallica vs Simon and Garfunkel

  6. What are your predictions on beer trends for 2019?
    Like to see more Brett beers, though I think we'll see a lot more alternate pale ales coming out. People drinking local stuff. 

  7. What’s the funniest/most creative name you have seen on a beer given?
    There have been many tongue in cheek beer names, specially for small batch festival only beers but actually Freshie Salt n Pepper although sounding a bit weird just fits the beer very well.

  8. The big debate - draft, bottles or cans?
    All can be fine. Kegs would have best chance of being fresh. We do cans. I like cans. 

  9. Where is your favourite watering hole?
    Bright Brewery. 

  10. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one beer, what would it be? 
    If only one last beer then probably a big stout. If an unlimited supply of only one type of beer, then probably a crisp lager. Or a pale ale.