Edge Brewing

  1. How did you get into the business? What was your original set up like? Where did it all begin?

    Our original set up is the same as it is today, we are gypsy brewers :-) so rent out equipment at existing breweries and brew there. We use breweries throughout Melbourne. We started Edge in 2013. My background was homebrewing for 6 years.

  2. If you weren’t brewing what would you be doing?

    Distilling Gin

  3. What’s your favourite beer that you have brewed?

    Too tough to nail one. All beers we brew (except for collaborations) fall into my 3 favourite categories sours, lagers and imperial stouts. I love any well made beer in those styles.

  4. What makes your beer different?

    We use all Australian ingredients and brew naturally, no additives, unfiltered and no pasteurisation. Alot of our beers are brewed with native fruits or spices too. We don't have a core range as such, each batch is a one off or seasonal.

  5. What music do you like listening to when getting ya brew on ?

    60's and 70's rock.

  6. What are your predictions on beer trends for 2019?
    Lagers and drier style beers to make a bigger impact.

  7. What’s the funniest/most creative name you have seen on a beer given?
    Always a crazier one each time i visit a bottleshop, so its ever changing!

  8. The big debate - draft, bottles or cans?
    Draught makes sense for local distribution. Cans for  distribution outside of home city. don't smash like glass, no UV light gets through to spoil the beer, less weight and more environmentally friendly. 

  9. Where is your favourite watering hole?
    Too many to single out one. You'll most often find me drinking close to home at Beermash, Marquis of Lorne, Little Hop or slowbeer.

  10. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one beer, what would it be? 

    Geuze Lambic


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