What do I get when I purchase a Beerology subscription box?

We reckon we’ve got a collection of brews for every taste bud, that’s why every Beerology box includes 16 beers, with eight different varieties. All beers are handpicked to suit your level of craftpertise. Find out which Beerology subscription box is right for you today!

How can I pay for my Beerology subscription?

We accept payments by PayPal or Visa which are collected on the 15th and 30th of each month prior to your chosen box being delivered.

In the unfortunate case that a payment is unsuccessful due to insufficient funds, we’ll notify you by email ASAP. We’ll also keep checking on our end to see if the issue’s been resolved so that we can get your box of goodness to you.

Should your card be lost, stolen or expire please contact us with your new details, and we’ll update your account. 

Also, to keep things super simple, with a Beerology subscription, you’re free to pause or cancel at anytime prior to the 15th of the month. While we’ll be sad to see you go, we hope we’ll see you again in the future.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

Nope, at Beerology we don’t believe in locking you in with a minimum subscription. We encourage our subscribers to stay for the only good reason - because they want to!

Find the right box for you.

Can I choose which beers are included in the subscription pack? 

Every Beerology box is hand selected by our team of expert Beerologist’s. They consider seasonality, local trends and a range of factors when selecting brews to ensure you’re experiencing the best Aussie craft beer each month.

Find out more about how we choose the best brew for you.

How do I cancel my Beerology subscription?

Sure – We’re sad to see you go but we understand that life happens and circumstances change. That’s why we’ve made cancelling or pausing your subscription super simple.

To place your subscription on hold until a later date simply drop us a note at support@beerology.net.au or contact us via our friendly live chat team @ www.beerology.net.au

Beerology subscriptions can only be placed on “hold” from the second active month of the subscription onwards.

To cancel your monthly subscription simply log in to your account and visit the Manage Account section before the 15th of the month and follow the prompts to cancel. This will ensure that the previous months delivery will be your last box.

Cancellations after the 15th of the month will get the final box at the end of that month as it will already be paid for and on its way to you.

Just remember, you can return and reactivate your subscription at anytime!


When are monthly Beerology boxes delivered?

Your Beerology subscription box will be dropped off to your door at the end of each month, within a day or two of the 30th. We like to keep it consistent so that you know when to expect your next delivery.

If your Beerology box doesn’t arrive within the expected delivery window, please contact us and we’ll track it down for you.

How much does delivery cost?

To get your Beerology subscription box to you as quickly as we can we charge a simple flat rate of $8 AUD per box.

Who delivers the beers?

Our awesome partners at Australia Post will deliver your brewtiful beerology box every month.

Who can sign for the delivery?

You know the rules, and because your box contains the best crafty’s in Australia, an adult (18+) is required to sign for the package. Keep your ID handy and you’ll be kicking back with your favourite brew in no time.

Does someone need to be home to sign for the delivery?

Yes, we’d hate to leave your box out in the cold or sizzling in the sun. That’s why we’ve partnered with your local post office. They’ll hold on to your brews for up to 14 days so you can collect them when you’re home.

Find out more about what you can do if no ones home when your box is delivered.

Can I add delivery instructions?

Sure. Let us know if you have a dog that’s thirstier than you, or anything that’s going to make our Australia Post delivery guy’s day easier. Just tell us in the comments box when you subscribe – or contact us and have a chat to our friendly crew.

What if I’m not home to receive the delivery?

If you won’t be home and can’t find a friend to sign on your behalf, try using your work address, as we deliver during business hours. If you do use your home address and aren’t home don’t worry. If a signature is not received on the day of delivery, your box of crafty’s can be collected from your local post office – make sure you get em within 14 days otherwise we’ll get them back here and we might have to share it with the team…. kidding…we will contact you to arrange a re-delivery.

If you miss your delivery and don’t get in touch within 30 days, we’ll need to return your beers to the wild and that incurs a small admin fee, sorry.

If you are happy, and have a safe place, we can leave it for you out of sight, out of the rain – you know the drill. Tell us in the special instruction section when ordering.

If a thirsty passer-by takes a fancy, and thinks they deserve the box better than you (shame on them) but that’s your risk this time.

What happens if my delivery details were incorrect?

If the delivery details you’ve provided are incorrect or incomplete we’ll contact you to arrange for re-delivery. Be sure to keep your details up-to-date as we never like charging for re-delivery and admin.

Can my delivery address be different from my billing address?

Sure. When placing your order simply enter the address you’d like to have your Beerology subscription box delivered to. As long as both addresses are valid and recognised by Australia Post you should be good to go.

If you’d like to change the delivery address of a Beerology subscription you can do so by logging in and visiting the Manage Account section

Can I pick up my order?

As much as we’d love to have a cold crafty with you, at this stage we don’t offer pickups from our location.

Who do I contact if I have any issues relating to Beerology or delivery?

Get in touch and we’ll sort everything out. Drop us an email at support@beerology.net.au or contact us via our friendly live chat team @ www.beerology.net.au

Can I put my Beerology subscription on hold?

Absolutely! We understand that life happens, from holidays to moving house sometimes it’s necessary to hit pause, even on your favourite things.

Drop us a note at support@beerology.net.au or contact us via our friendly live chat team @ www.beerology.net.au

Beerology subscriptions can only be placed on “hold” from the second active month of the subscription onwards.

How do I reactivate my Beerology subscription?

Simply drop us a line with the email you signed up with and we’ll breathe life back into your old account. Or if you’re looking to start afresh feel free to start a new account.

Can I purchase more than one subscription?

Sure thing you devil, absolutely. Just select more boxes at the checkout.


Every Beerology box is specially created  to show off the best in Aussie brewing.. Should you for any reason be dissatisfied with your subscription box, simply return the remaining items for a full refund. This includes.all bottles, including empties. All returns must be made within seven days of receipt.

To return items, please send to:


U B2 23-107 Erskine Park Rd ERSKINE PARK 2759 NSW Australia

Please ensure the following information is included so your return can be processed:

  • Your order number if known (appears on the top of the confirmation email)

  • Your name and address

  • A description of the item you are returning and a reason for the return

If the items are not in a returnable state (i.e. smashed glass), then please email support@beerology.net.au, with supporting photos with the delivery receipt and the above information.

We’re passionate about great beer and we know you are too, that’s what inspires us to ensure you have an awesome experience each and every time. If you have feedback or thoughts to share we’d love to hear them, simply drop us a line at support@beerology.net.au.