HOPE Estate

A moment with head brewer,
Matthew Hogan.

  1. How did you get into the business? What was your original set up like? Where did it all begin?
    Made the switch from winemaking to brewing at DeBortoli wines/ William Bull brewery after becoming obsessed with good beer and brewing up a storm every weekend in my garage.

    William Bull was a 50hL 4 vessel system, it was quite old but did the job. I believe that it has been moved to Moon Dog in Melbourne. My home-brew setup was an very basic, Hot water urn, esky and large cooking pot.

  2. If you weren’t brewing what would you be doing?
    I guess I would still be a winemaker…..

  3. What’s your favourite beer that you have brewed?
    The Hope Pale Ale.

  4. What makes your beer different?
    Attention to detail and a strong passion for top quality product.

  5. What music do you like listening to when getting ya brew on ?
    We generally just have Triple J providing the tunes.

  6. What are your predictions on beer trends for 2019?
    NEIPA will continue to be popular and I would love to see Lagers make a stronger representation in the craft beer scene.

  7. What’s the funniest/most creative name you have seen on a beer given?
    There too many weird and wacky names out there.

  8. The big debate - draft, bottles or cans?
    Draft then can & bottle.

  9. Where is your favourite watering hole?
    Pourhouse & the Whistler in Maitland and Grainstore, Happy Wombat & Foghorn in Newcastle

  10. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one beer, what would it be? 
    Do I have to pick one? Something thirst quenching and hoppy…